Our consulting services help airlines sell more effectively online. In the first instance, this means eliminating hurdles that stand in the path of a successful booking – on both mobile and desktop, by running a usability audit. Then we use advanced web analytics to rank usability improvements by business value and identify further issues.

Airline E-Commerce Usability Audit

flexponsive has a unique project methodology for improving airline usability.

  • We assemble focus groups – both on-site and in the cloud – to gather feedback rapidly, and understand the user experience on desktop and mobile.
  • We then turn to data analytics to find which usability problems affect the bottom line
  • Finally, you receive a detailed report with estimated revenue impact for each change
  • Continuous monitoring: how to make sure user experience is maintained and improved over time

Custom Data Science Projects

Contact us for custom data science projects. Our experience is in using the Google Analytics to API to quickly drive advanced analyses of visitor behavior, including consumer acquisition and on-site. We can run controlled experiments to test new features or possible changes to the user experience.