Airline Responsive Fare Selector: Virgin America Example

Virgin America - example of airline responsive flight selector

Virgin America: Responsive Flight & Fare Selector

Virgin America is well noted in the industry for being among the first carriers to launch a fully responsive airline site as single page application. The fare selector shows evidence of mobile-first design:

  • the location bar nicely hides, and the header is modestly sized.
  • compact display of flights and fares: each offer row takes 320px (or just over 15%) of screen height. This makes it easy to compare offers by Virgin America for a given route.
  • buttons are appropriately sized to avoid the “fat finger problem”

Technology: The booking site is uses Google’s AngularJS framework for the frontend and a REST API to integrate with the Sabre reservation system.

NB Virgin America is a case study in our longer blog post on responsive airline sites