Airline Responsive Adoption: Small Carriers in the Lead

Airline Responsive Technology Adoption: Small Carriers in the lead

Smaller airlines are first to adopt responsive design

Carriers around the world are adopting responsive airline sites for their relaunches, a trend clear from the projects that went live in 2015. Small carriers are leading the innovation, with California-based Virgin America among the first to go responsive, and to roll out a single page app across all devices.

As of August 2015, the three largest airlines to have adopted responsive design are:

  1. Dutch flag carrier KLM (27m passengers in 2014), using a jQuery-based single page application
  2. Norwegian, Scandinavia’s low-cost leader, carried 24m passengers in 2014 – their direct online sales flow through a responsive AngularJS single page application
  3. Swiss, with 17m passengers in 2014, is as of writing the only carrier in Lufthansa Group to have gone responsive.

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