Air Astana: Responsive Site, Captivating Imagery

Responsive Homepage of Air Astana

Responsive Homepage of Air Astana

Air Astana, the Kazakh flag carrier, has gone responsive. The solution is based on jQuery (and jQuery UI components), coupled with the Bootstrap CSS framework – pretty standard fare for a responsive site.

The homepage illustrates some common usability challenges among responsive airline sites. For example, on the smartphone, the header and offers carousel appear quite large, taking each approximately 25% of the available device height. Thus the destination selector can feel cramped – having only 45% of the device height available (without scrolling, of course)

Currently, implementation work seems to be ongoing – after selecting journey airports and dates, visitors are redirected to a separate site which is not responsive.

This graphic appears in our blog post on responsive airline sites

NB: Screenshot taken on 27. August 2015 using an Android 5 device.