flexponsive launches blog!

Launching the flexponsive blog

Today we are delighted to be launching the flexponsive blog. In this blog, we will be looking it at the strategies that airlines are taking in their quest to succeed online – and dig into the data to find out what works, how airlines can best acquire traffic online and where online advertising can be improved.

Travel technology is in an exciting time – mobile traffic will soon overtake desktop traffic for key booking queries, expectations what big data will bring to the travel industry are, quite literally, sky high and improved personalization may change the face of travel.

Airlines face unique challenges in keeping up with these innovations, let alone leading them: their direct sales channel needs to integrate with a legacy booking system, vendor relationships can be complex, and the large amount of revenue flowing through existing sites can make changes appear risky while trying to reign in costs. These challenges also leave their mark on the user experience – airlines can sometimes make it surprisingly difficult for their prospective consumers to buy from them.

What’s next on the flexponsive blog?

We are currently conducting an in-depth study of the booking sites used by world’s top 50 airlines. While we are working on the study, to be published as whitepaper later this year, we will provide results as here as they become available. We will address topics such as

  • Airline mobile strategy: native app, responsive site or mobile web?
  • Where is the “digital airline”? Are LCCs still ahead online?<
  • Personalization: A case study
  • Listening to consumer voices through data analytics

As we are conducing this study, your feedback will be highly appreciated – whether as a comment on the blog or directly via e-mail.

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